Our teams of experts apply global knowledge to their local know-how, so whether you ship engines or eggs, you can be sure your cargo will arrive safely and on time, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your core business.

In a fast-moving world, today’s best solution might not be fit for tomorrow. Thanks to our extensive network and experienced teams, we are able to react quickly and tailor our solutions to your particular needs, helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Overview of trucking :

  • LTL /FTL cargo
  • Distribution throughout GCC
  • Prepaid and collect handling

AGN Freight Forwarding is the preferred option among domestic freight services due to the efficiency of the service and cost effectiveness of moving cargo within UAE and Middle East. In terms of both cost and environmental efficiency, it has an upperedge over other alternatives.

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Regardless of the size and type of your cargo, we can offer you suitable freight service operations.