Air Freight is a popular choice for consignments where time is of the essence. If you require your goods to be delivered in the shortest possible time frame, then AGN Air Freight Services can ensure they arrive in full, on time and for the best possible price.For individuals, we are able to provide fast, efficient & convenient excess baggage services which are often much more cost effective than checking oversized goods onto commercial flights. Simply tell us your destination and we’ll ensure your larger possessions arrive safely and on time, no matter where you’re travelling.

With over 100 airlines operating out of Dubai and the special contract rates with most of the airlines enables us to provide the best of the services to our valuable customers. Special handling according to the requirements of the individual consignments in reference to time and cost.

Our global agency network enables a door-to-door service. Range of Services offered:-

  • Express cargo handling
  • Consolidations
  • Charter
  • Freight prepaid and collect cargo
  • Free domicile
  • Air, Air and Sea, Air Transhipments
  • Transhipments to Iraq and Afganistan

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Regardless of the size and type of your cargo, we can offer you suitable freight service operations.